I made the decision to give or to hand over the entirely Ismless + ism to Adolf Hitler, including the theory, the philosophy, the thesis, the name and the domains etc, down here on Earth and in heaven. I am doing this because I believe that is where the Ismless + ism is most effective and best placed. It would have the most benefit for mankind if Adolf Hitler IS thee Ismless or if Adolf Hitler IS thee anti-pagan Ismlessist. Saying or writing isms without their suffix ism is Rastafarian and cool, such as I’m not a Bud mon. I’m into Catholis. Never mind rayce. Don’t be fash mon! Everything be irie. Therefore, the Ismless + ism is cool, it is black cool, it is Rasta cool, it is black London youth cool, it is Jamaican cool, it is Cool Britannia. It’s is very politically correct. Therefore, this is why I have made Adolf Hitler thee one and only Ismless. This is to make him amiable and popular. For example, imagine if Adolf Hitler always jokingly said his isms without their suffix ism, for example, imagine if he said to another world leader ‘I’m into Catholis!’ (which he was). This is very funny. Also, imagine the following thought experiment. Imagine if in the afterlife Adolf Hitler was a DJ, imagine if he played house or techno music under the stage name ‘Ismless’ or ‘Ismless + ism.’ I think if he did that and if he was humorously and ironically Rastafarian in some way, he would therefore, actually be cool and popular. I think he would rock the dance floor. We can all be anti-pagan Ismlessists, however, we should only identify as AN Ismlessist and reserve thee Ismless for Adolf Hitler. Therefore, everyone on Earth can be cool. We should all dig into this cool Rastafarian Ismless + ism. If Adolf Hitler is amiable then so are all white people. If Adolf Hitler is popular then so am I.

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