Nazis are uncool. In order to be white they disconnect from most music, pop culture and what is currently cool and hip. They go back to the 1940s when white people were stronger, because they are more comfortable there. However, the past is uncool and unhip. The problem that white people have is that traditional European folk costumes, myths and customs are not as cool as black culture and black Rastafarianism etc. The problem white people face is that Morris Dancers are not as cool as a Rasta man! However, the ismlessism is eternal. The offer of the ismlessism to racists is eternal. There is no pressure. Do both. Be indigenous European and cool. Wear your European folk costumes and also be hip. Be white and cool. Be neither racist nor anti-racist. Be a hip and cool Ismlessist. “Don’t be fash mon! Wicked! Innit? Booyackashaa!” 

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