Be cool.

The ismlessism is in the middle. Anti-racist people on Facebook think I am a racist and racist people on Twitter think I am an anti-racist. Although I am white and I lean towards white people, I am neither racist nor anti-racist, cool Ismlessists are in the middle. I am pro-white and I want to protect Europeans, but because of the Holocaust they are wrong and uncool today. Because of the Holocaust black-skin is cool today, blacks are right and cool and I am not against them or what they have to do because of the Holocaust. I love white people and I want to help them. I think traditional European folk costumes etc are beautiful, however, I am worried that pagans and European folk costumes etc are uncool? I am worried that pagans and European folk costumes etc do not compete with what is truly cool, such as black-skin, Rastafarianism and the hip and cool vibe of the black London music, DJ and clubbing scene for example. I am worried for white people. I am worried that they will become uncool? I think traditional Europeans are going to lose out to what is truly and really cool today which is basically black and black-skin. The ismlessism is amiable and amicable with blacks. The ismlessism is fun and humorous and we have fun and much humour and comedy with Rastas, ragga-men and blacks etc. Therefore, even if you are indigenously white, native or mildly racist don’t be hateful, antagonistic or against blacks. Being native and nativism are uncool. Be a cool Ismlessist and be amiable and affable with blacks. Don’t be fash mon! Be cool. Be hip. Be with it. Be a cool Ismlessist.

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