With it!

To be with it today you have got to be politically correct, you have got to be with and down with what our treacherous white politicians are doing. For example, in the UK ‘with it’ is basically what our prime minister, our MPs, our parliament and our media are saying or doing. To be with it you have got to be down with the cool and hip lingo of the ismlessism. You have got to say or write your ismlessisms, by this I mean cutting the isms off your isms, to elucidate, I mean you have to say or write your isms without their suffix isms, for example “I’m into Catholis!” Where “Catholis” is an ismlessism. Saying ismlessisms is the Rastafarian and black-London youth style or vibe. You have also got to be as cool as black-skin. Black-skin is cool because it is less evolutionarily advanced. Because of the Holocaust white skin is uncool. It’s not that we like it, however, I’m sorry, because of Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust that is how it is. Political correctness, black music, black fashion and black-skin are cool and hip today, not European paganism or traditional European folk costumes and myths etc. Morris Dancers are not as cool as Rastafarians and black-London youths. Politicians are actually very cool, with it and hip and they have their fingers on the beating pulse of American and European pop culture, as well as the London and New York vibes, and what is currently politically correct, cool, hip and with it. If you are racist our politicians will say to you that you are not currently ‘with it’, period, end of, and that the clock is ticking. There is only one way to be with it, and that is whatever our world leaders and politicians are saying or doing. Political correctness is with it. Political correctness is hip. The good news is that everyone on Earth can get with it, be hip and cool easily with the grammatical ismlessism. All that you have to do is learn the cool Rastafarian lingo of the ismlessism, that is, learn to say or write your ismlessisms, such as “Don’t be fash!” Where “fash” is the ismlessism of fascism. Ismlessisms are mathematical, see the Rasta Algebra Test on my website. Therefore, say your ismlessisms or isms without their suffix isms to become a cool Ismlessist, then you are as cool as a Rasta or black-London youth etc. Wicked! Innit?

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