Ismlessisms are mathematical and I will prove it to you. Instead of cumbersomely describing ismlessisms by saying: “Cut your isms off your isms” or ”Say or write your isms without their suffix isms” we can simply say: ”Say your ismlessisms.” For example, “Fash is the ismlessism of fascism!” The concise statement ”Say your ismlessisms” is grammatically mathematical as there is some very simple (Rasta level) addition and subtraction arithmetic going on here and hence it condenses the aforementioned cumbersome descriptions. Note: ismlessisms are colourful, beautiful and deep, which reflects black people. I mean ”Bud” and ”fash” are colourful, beautiful and deep. Ismlessisms are deeply black, Rasta and deeply cool. Unlike normal isms which are single isms, ismlessisms are many isms, all isms, a plurality of isms, variegated, colourful, diverse, a variety of isms, multiple, manifold, multifarious and plural. Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking are unbelievably intelligent, know many things that we laypeople do not and they have many advanced qualifications, however are they cool? Superstar DJs are wickedly and deeply cool, but do they know it? Are Superstar DJs officially and fundamentally cool? Well everyone can be officially and mathematically cool with the cool qualification of the ismlessism. Therefore, to be current, cool, hip and with it or to become, make the grade or pass out as a cool Ismlessist, all that you have to do is undergo some Rasta training to pick up the cool and hip lingo of the ismlessism. Therefore, all that you have to do is complete the following Rasta algebra test by studying the following 2 examples and then answering the following 6 questions below.

An ismlessism has 3 variables.

For example:

ism (noun) – suffix ism = ismlessism


What is the ismlessism of racism?

racism – suffix ism = rayce

ismlessism = rayce

An ismlessist has 3 variables.

For example:

ist (noun or adjective) – suffix ist = ismlessist


What is the ist of expertees?

expertees + suffix ist = expertiseist

ist = expertiseist


Find the missing variable for each question.

A. Buddhism – ism = ?

B. Catholicism – ? = Catholis

C. seks + ist = ?

D. ? + ism = criticism

E. ? – ism = fash

F. Jayn + ? = Jainist


A. Bud

B. ism

C. sexist

D. critis

E. fascism

F. ist

As you can see ismlessisms are mathematical in a Rasta-level way, therefore instead of saying: “Cut your isms off your isms” or ”Say or write your isms without their suffix isms” we can simply say: ”Say your ismlessisms.” I am not saying you have to go around saying such things as ”Don’t be terra mon!” to Muslims or “Don’t be fash mon!” to Europeans, as long as you are consciously aware of ismlessisms, and that saying them is deeply black, African, Rastafarian and black-London youth cool and stylish. Therefore, if you managed to answer the above Rasta algebra test questions correctly, then you are officially cool! You have the cool qualification. You pass mon! You get in mon! Rastas demand nothing harder in life. Hence, you are cool because you have learned how to say your ismlessisms, that is, you have learned the cool and hip lingo of the ismlessism. Therefore, congratulations you now know how to be a cool Ismlessist mon!

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