“Propa” apology.

Because of two world wars and a Holocaust, the English language has bottomed out. Ismlessism will prove this to you. For example, instead of Queen’s English the English language is now officially about ismlessism. By this I mean that instead of Received Pronunciation, it is now officially cool and “propa” to say your ismlessisms. For example, instead of saying “Buddhism, Catholicism, racism and fascism”, it is now hip, cool, grammatically correct and “propa” to say “Bud, Catholis, rayce, and fash.” This is the black and Rastafarian fashion, style, level and grammar. It is the difference between white and black, in that white is now uncool and out of fashion, and black is now cool and in fashion. For example, the Queen of England deliberately tries to be linguistically high, articulate and sophisticated, by saying things such as “Buddhism, Catholicism, racism and fascism”, while Rasta men deliberately try to be linguistically low, inarticulate and unsophisticated by saying things such as “Bud, Catholis, rayce, and fash.” Rastas are deliberately low with ismlessism. You can hear the difference in for example, Sir David Attenborough’s accent on black and white television in the 1950s and his accent today on UHD television in the 2020s. British ‘hieghtened received pronunciation’ (heightened RP) is no longer the mode, fashionable or cool and the British accent (especially on TV) has become more lower class, common and black. Therefore, to reiterate, the English language has bottomed out. Apologising to black people for slavery, imperialism, European colonialism and the Holocaust does not work, it’s a waste of breath and it has no effect, whereas saying your ismlessisms is a real and genuine apology to black people that really matters, means something and actually does have an effect. It has an effect because saying your ismlessisms such as ”He’s not a Bud mon!” is deeply black, Rastafarian and deeply cool (note: “Bud” is the ismlessism of Buddhism). Ismlessisms such as ”Bud, rayce, Catholis and fash” are Rastafarian, African American and the black-London youth fashion, style, slang and lingo. Ismlessism is what Africans and black people, such as Rastafarians naturally do, it’s their fashionable style, level and grammar. Sub-Saharan Africans never invented their own writing system and this is apparent in the cool slang lingo of black fashion, style and music such as Rastafarianism, rap and hip hop. And it is black-skin, culture and music that is fashionable, politically correct and cool today not white. Therefore, what if ismlessism makes more than just ismlessisms official or proper? I mean what if ismlessism made all hip, cool, Rasta, rapper, hip hop and slang english more “legit” and ”propa”? I mean black rappers and other musicians frequently employ slang, cool and stylish language for their tracks and album names, such as ”Work dat shit!”, where ”dat” is slang for ”that”, however, although such fashionable and stylish slang english is hip and cool, such slang is never really “legit” or ”propa”. Ismlessisms such as ”Bud, rayce, Catholis and fash” are definitely correct and definitely “proper”, however, what if ismlessism also makes all cool Rasta and rapper slang english such as ”dat” instead of ”that” more legitimate and more proper? What if ismlessism got officially entered into the Oxford English Dictionary? Being an Englishman myself, I would be very proud if my country (which is the home of the English language) was also the home of ismlessism, I mean I would like it if my country was the home of cool and hip. Therefore, as white people if you say your ismlessisms it hits the strings of black people’s hearts because ismlessism is what such as Rastafarians naturally do, it’s their fashionable style, level and grammar. Ismlessism and coolness are black people’s contribution to society, culture, fashion, style, grammar and language. This is why black people are politically correct, why there seems to be bias and favouritism towards black people today, why our politicians, our media, our TVs and our police definitely show favouritism for black people today and why they seem to let black people off the hook with things that white people would be punished for. It is politically correct to go easier on and to let black people off today. It is politically correct to show favouritism towards black people today. Black people need a deep and genuine apology for slavery, imperialism, colonialism and the Holocaust etc, which no body is able to attain, reach or make. This is political correctness. Political correctness means that you have not apologised. Political correctness is “propa” but it is also wrong and it simply means you have not apologised. Blackness is politically correct because blacks are desperately due an apology which no one is able to make. Political correctness is biased towards black people and is unfair towards and biased against white people, however, no one is able to make a ”propa” apology to black people and this is why political correctness is happening and why our politicians, police, media and televisions show favouritism towards and privilege for black people over white people today. What about the afterlife? How will black people feel when they get to the afterlife and realise that it was all favouritism in life? Favouritism is nothing and it doesn’t mean you are superior because other people showed favouritism towards you in life. In a way, even down’s syndromes and the handicapped recieve favouritism and special treatment. Therefore, how will black people feel when they get a reality check and receive no favouritism in the afterlife? Real indigenous white people receive the hard shoulder and recieve no favouritism in life. If you want real equality with white people then reject favouritism. Also, what if in the afterlife the vast majority of neglected indigenous white people reject favouritism from our traitorous white-politicians, police, media and televisions etc. What if we say ”Oh no! It’s too late for all that, you showed us no favouritism in life and spoiled ethnic minorities.” Therefore, if you are a racist, don’t be arrogant, like prayers, say your ismlessisms. “If you want equality, don’t show fava mon! Wicked! Cool! Innit?

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