“To be cool, hip and with it, say your ismlessisms! Fash is the ismlessism of fascism. A new jocularly Rastafarian grammatical ism. Ismlessisms are colourful, beautiful and deep which reflects black people.”

Graham Cammock

What type of ism is ismlessism?

What is an ism? An ism is a distinctive doctrine, cause, or theory, as in Buddhism. Or an ism is an oppressive and especially discriminatory attitude or belief, as in ageism. Therefore, what type of ism is ismlessism? The ismlessism is all isms. The ismlessism removes and makes cool all types of isms, however, most importantly the ismlessism fixes or neutralises discriminatory isms such as “aaayj, heiyt, seks and rayce” which are the ismlessisms of ”ageism, heightism, sexism and racism” respectively. The ismlessism is a linguistic ism. The ismlessism is a jocularly Rastafarian grammatical ism. The ismlessism is the ism of all isms, it is the king of all isms, it is the multi-headed, multi-armed Hindu god of all isms, and it is the ism to end all isms.

What is an ismlessism?

The ismlessism deals with a lot more than just racism, it deals with all isms, in fact there are a multitude of ismlessisms. Ismlessisms are many isms, all isms, a plurality of isms, variegated, colourful, diverse, a variety of isms, multiple, manifold, multifarious and plural. An ismlessism is any ism without its suffix ism.

For example:

Bud = ismlessism

Catholis = ismlessism

Seks = ismlessism

Rayce = ismlessism

Fash = ismlessism

Expertees = ismlessism

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