I want to say something to white racists, particularly those on social media such as Gab, and it concerns such as my own complimentary quote regarding the qualities or properties of the ismlessisms, which is:

“To be cool, hip and with it, say your ismlessisms! Fash is the ismlessism of fascism. Bud is the ismlessism of Buddhism. A black or Rastafarian fashionable ism. Ismlessisms are colourful, beautiful and deep which reflects black people.”

Graham Cammock

What I want to say is that by hating and fighting with black people as you do on Gab, only shows your insecurities as white people. By using hate and insulting images and words, such as fried chicken, primates and the insulting adjectives only shows that you are insecure as white people. The Victorians didn’t even need to hate, argue or fight with black people, and if they did it was only through actual military combat (which is seriously uncool today). I believe that as hateful racists, you feel that if you are ever nice to black people it must mean that you want to miscegenate or race mix? Well what if it doesn’t absolutely mean that? Just because with the colourful, beautiful and deep ismlessisms I have done something nice for and complimented black people, does not mean that I want to choose a partner outside of my own race. Like I said hating and fighting with black people only shows your insecurities as white people. Surely there is a way that we can be complimentary to black people without surrendering everything that we are and own as white people, such as our women, our governments and our countries? You are more likely to get what you want as white people or racists by being nice, polite and complimentary to black people, as opposed to obviously using hate against and fighting with them which only shows your insecurities. Therefore, because it is white people who have had a Holocaust and on whom the onus therefore lies, the idea of this thesis is that if we do something nice for black people first, then they may be nice to us? They may allow us to sensiblly and not insanely ensure that we have ethnically white governments in white countries for example. They may freely choose themselves not to come to white countries in significant numbers, if they like you they may appreciate your desires, stop bullying you and respect you enough to leave you alone, as they do the Asians and Orientals. They may lose the desire to want to conquer Europe and white people. You are more likely to attain these things if you are nice and complimentary to black people first. Like the British, be mature, spruce, clean shaven and very polite imperialists, not immature and hateful 21st-century social media sock puppets.

The Switch.

There exists in this world or universe an imbecilic and fundamental binary switch. This switch is philosophical or metaphorial, but it is as real as E = MC2. Special relativity is real, scientific and fundamental and it will give you enormous amounts of energy, however, this metaphorical switch would give you a continent, an empire or even a world. This is the simplest kind of on/off binary switch in the universe, it does one of two things, either on or off. This binary switch is the racism/anti-racism switch, it is the white/black switch. There is no in between the two polar opposites on this switch, there are no degrees, gradations or increments. There is no dimmer between light and dark. This switch used to be permanently and confidently on white, only that Adolf Hitler through his Holocaust flipped the binary switch eternally and irretrievably onto black. I for one am absolutely sick to death of this spastically simple two-mode binary switch. The thickness of this imbecilic two-mode switch absolutely represents the intelligence of Adolf Hitler. Therefore, what I want to suggest is that can we not create or invent a metaphorical thrust lever or power lever, as in an airplane cockpit with degrees, increments or levels between racism and anti-racism? Or what about a nice big adjustable circular knob, as in a volume dial on an audio device, with levels or gradations between white and black? That would be so much better than an annoyingly thick two-mode on/off binary switch. The solution to racism requires a lot more thought and intellect than simply the diametrically opposite antithesis, as in anti-racism. As demonstrated by violent Islamic terrorism and wildfire-starting and angry migrants, anti-racism is obviously not working for Europe. Therefore, analogously that is what I hope to propose with the ismlessism, which is neither racist nor anti-racist but is in between. Hopefully the ismlessisms would have a spectrum of colours between light and dark and shades of grey between white and black. I believe that cool Ismlessists are neither white nor black, I believe they are neutral. To be switched on is an English idiom which means to be clued up, with it, hip and cool, however, a smooth thrust lever or an adjustable knob would be cooler. What I would like to say to our treacherous, eternally and imbecilically switched-onto anti-racism white politicians, is do they honestly want to be permanently, eternally and irretrievably switched-onto anti-racism in the afterlife without a choice? Think about it, will you not honestly want to be switched-onto white for a change in the afterlife? What if there is a wonderful white Victorian Empire in heaven? Won’t you want a nice incremental thrust lever or adjustable knob instead? What I would like to say to low-intelligence lower-class racists on Gab, is that to be racist is to be permanently, eternally, irretrievably (and arrogantly) switched-onto white. However, because of Adolf Hitler, being eternally switched-onto white (which is racism) is hateful. Prior to the Holocaust, being eternally switched-onto white was not hateful. Our Victorian ancestors were eternally switched-onto white, however, Nazism and racism made being eternally switched-onto white very hateful. Therefore, don’t be permanently switched-onto white, switch back and forth (like I have constantly done for 5 years), vacillate and try to create a smooth power lever or adjustable knob between white and black or between racism and anti-racism. Do you honestly want to be permanently, eternally and irretrievably switched-onto white or racism in the afterlife without a choice? It only shows your insecurity. What if there are super cool and hip parties in heaven and you would like the option attend? I believe that Jesus Christ can probably create an imbecilic-two-mode switch-hell for both racists and anti-racists in the afterlife. Now you’re this now you’re that! What you want is space and time between the two modes of the switch. Even animals such as pigs and chimpanzees can understand an on/off switch. Racism is a switch, this 50/50 switch is so tiny and so small it is unbelievably irritating and it creates hate and malice because it means that people are simply and maliciously opposite to each other. We need to remove this cultural on/off switch for more reasons than racism or anti-racism, what about higher arts, civilisations and culture? Even though the 21st century seems so smart and advanced, with such as Apple Inc. and Steve Jobs, because of Adolf Hitler, ultimately our political and philosophical level today as human beings is this tiny 50/50 binary switch. Even though the world seems frustratingly chaotic, complex and random, it always boils down to this simple, two-mode on/off binary switch. If you are kind, polite and complimentary to black people first, they may surprise you? Whereas, if you are eternally and arrogantly switched-onto white, they may simply and maliciously do the opposite of whatever you want. Therefore, despite the internet, iPhones and iPads, that is as advanced as humans are in the 21st century. We are politically and philosophically stupid. As I said, if you are nice to black people first, then they might be nice to you in return? For example they may freely choose themselves not to come to white countries in significant numbers, if they like you they may appreciate white people’s desires, stop bullying us and respect Europeans enough to leave us alone. However, how the imbecilic switch usually works is that if you are not polite and complimentary or even worse use hate or malice, black people will obviously and simply do the opposite of whatever you want and they will therefore, get on immigration and step up their efforts to speed up their colonisation of Europe. This is the binary racism/anti-racism switch, which is how planet Earth functions in the supposedly advanced 21st century. Racists and anti-racists, white people and black people are simply and imbecilically, diametrically opposite, and maliciously antithetical to each other like a hateful binary on/off switch.


I hope that by reading about the binary racism/anti-racism switch above, that you can trust me and believe me when I tell you that although I care about white people and my eternal motive is to protect my own beloved people, I can absolutely assure you and guarantee you that I am personally myself definitely never ever permanently, eternally and arrogantly switched-onto white (all the time). This is racist. This hateful. Being white is not wrong, but always and permanently being white is wrong. Only skinheads and thugs are permanently and eternally switched-onto white mode (to the death) and this is obviously wrong. However, antifascists need to make the distinction between people who care about white people such as me and Anne Marie Waters and skinheads and thugs. There is obviously a huge difference. I am never and never will be hateful. Therefore, I am not permanently racist. Like flipping a small coin or like a little frog hopping around I easily flip back and forth between the two racist/anti-racist modes of the binary switch. I am vacillating, flipping and switching easily and frequently back and forth between the white/black modes of the binary switch in order to try and create a nice smooth thrust lever or adjustable volume knob. Therefore, although in this life and the next I may be more so white or switched-onto white most often or most of the time, I am never eternal or forever, I am 3/4 of the airplane power lever or 90% of the adjustable circular volume dial and that is not an idiotic binary 50/50 switch.


If anyone asks you the question “Are you a racist?” Reply: “Well, I am not an anti-racist!” They will therefore, ignorantly, obviously and dumbly respond: “So you are a racist then?” Then you can reply: “No it’s not a stupid binary switch!” You can then go on further to say: “Only skinheads, thugs and Nazis are permanently and eternally switched-onto white or racism, I am never permanently or eternally switched-onto white or racism because that is arrogant and hateful!” You can then say: “I am more like an airplane thrust lever or a circular adjustable volume knob, which moves smoothly in between racism and anti-racism!” You can finish by saying: “I am in between, I am a cool Ismlessist!”

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