• a distinctive doctrine, cause, or theory
  • an oppressive and especially discriminatory attitude or belief: we all have got to come to grips with our isms — Joycelyn Elders



  • without an ism, no ism or remove isms: Adolf Hitler is ismless because he always has to say his ismlessisms, such as: ”Mussolini was fash as well mon!”. Europeans are ismless because they haven’t got racism. White people are ismless.



  • an ism which removes isms; an ism which fixes racism; saying or writing ismlessisms, which means to say or write noun isms or adjective ists without their suffix ism or suffix ist respectively, note: ismlessisms are colourful, beautiful and deep which reflects coloured people. ”Bud” and ”fash” are colourful, beautiful and deep. Ismlessisms are deeply black, Rasta and deeply cool. Ismlessism is the highest of all isms because it is not a singular ism like all other normal or lower isms. For example, atheism is a normal, lower and singular ism that is one thing, the belief that God does not exist. Atheism (like all other isms, (excepting ismlessism)) is one ism. Ismlessism is mathematical because it minuses the suffix -isms from all isms, for example, “Bud, Catholis, rayce, and fash” are the ismlessisms of “Buddhism, Catholicism, racism and fascism” respectively, therefore, ismlessism is more than one ism, it is all isms, many isms, multifarious, variegated, diverse, colourful, beautiful, inclusive, tolerant, multiple, the ism of all isms and a plurality of isms: Adolf Hitler is ismless because he has to always say his ismlessisms, that is, he has to say his isms without their suffix isms, for example, ”I’m not into Nashanal Soshall anymore mon! I’m into Catholis!” Bud is the ismlessism of Buddhism. Fash is the ismlessism of fascism. And remember, ismless is also an ismlessism.



  • a supporter, believer or adherent of ismlessism: In order to forgive Adolf Hitler, he needs to be a cool Rasta Ismlessist and he needs to frequently say his ismlessisms, for example, ”I’m not into rayce anymore mon! I am a cool Ismlessist!”


  • of, relating to, or characteristic of ismlessism or its believers or adherents: It’s very ismlessist to be a cool Rasta. I like him he’s quite ismlessist!


ismlessistic, adjective

ismlessistical, adjective

ismlessistically, adjective

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