Nothing necklace.

Wearing the nothing necklace means you have done something to make amends for the Holocaust. You can get nothing necklaces personalised online for £30 – £75. Like everything else about the fundamental faith, the design of the nothing necklace is a very simple formula that works, hence, to make your own nothing necklace is trivially easy. All you need to do is upload the Ismlessism sign with an infinity symbol within a circle to an online jewellers and tell them you want the symbol on the front and the words ‘Zero And Infinite.’ on the back. It couldn’t be simpler. I have tested wearing the nothing necklace and it’s excellent! You do not have to worry about feeling embarrassed or cringing about wearing a necklace from the faith of a pathetic person who is nothing. This is because the pendant is nothing, came from nothing and means nothing (and everything). Cringing and feeling embarrassed and like nothing is the whole point! It’s low, humble and modest! It’s the modesty of a Saint. It’s nothing! Wearing it makes you feel like nothing, zero, 0 or a zero person. It feels like you have done nothing wrong and have 0 sin. If someone asks you what the pendant means just say nothing! Therefore, because it makes you feel like nothing I recommend you to get a nothing necklace made. If you wear the nothing necklace, you can then say that you are a zero person. Being a Universal Ismlessist I do things 40 (for nothing) or for God who is nothing and everything hence, I could get a hand full of nothing necklaces made and give them away for free; however, I may do this at a future date.

Nothing necklace (£30)
Nothing necklace (£75)

Download the Ismlessism sign here.

You can get the nothing necklace made here:



You may say that wearing the nothing necklace is like being in a teenager gang and not a formal religion or faith? Yes it is a gang! But what a good gang it is! What a pious, charitable and saintly gang it is! No T-Birds, punks or Hells Angels here. The gang is never cool but saintly, pious and holy. If the Catholic Church made a gang, this is what it would look like. Therefore, it may be an uncool gang today but tomorrow it could be a worldwide congregation or a literally universal religion. Also, being a pious and saintly gang, whose members are charitable and do things for nothing (for God and for free), it is not bad for lay, average, materialistic, pop-cultured, western capitalists. Therefore, I highly recommend you to independently get a nothing necklace made and join the gang. As mentioned the necklace makes you cringe and feel like nothing, but that is the whole point!