Ismlessisms are mathematical and I will prove it to you. Instead of cumbersomely describing ismlessisms by saying: “Cut your isms off your isms” or ”Say or write your isms without their suffix isms” we can simply say: ”Say your ismlessisms.” For example, “Fash is the ismlessism of fascism!” The concise statement ”Say your ismlessisms” is grammatically mathematical as there is some very simple (Rasta level) addition and subtraction arithmetic going on here and hence it condenses the aforementioned cumbersome descriptions. Note: ismlessisms… Read More

ISM noun a distinctive doctrine, cause, or theory an oppressive and especially discriminatory attitude or belief: we all have got to come to grips with our isms — Joycelyn Elders ISMLESS adjective without an ism or no ism: Adolf Hitler is ismless because he always has to say his ismlessisms. Europeans are ismless because they haven’t got racism. White people are ismless. ISMLESSISM noun an ism which removes isms; an ism which fixes racism; saying… Read More

Regarding the cool Rastafarian Ismless + ism, I got expelled from a very prestigious private school called Barnard Castle School in 1998, at the tender age of just short of 17 for smoking marijuana, and it completely ruined my life. However, I have noticed that the cool Rastafarian Ismless + ism actually helps me as a slightly and humorously mischievous 16 year old white boy. This is because the Ismless + ism is cool, it is blackman cool… Read More

I made the decision to give or to hand over the entirely Ismless + ism to Adolf Hitler, including the theory, the philosophy, the thesis, the name and the domains etc, down here on Earth and in heaven. I am doing this because I believe that is where the Ismless + ism is most effective and best placed. It would have the most benefit for mankind if Adolf Hitler IS thee Ismless or if Adolf Hitler IS thee anti-pagan… Read More

My first (erroneous) 87,000 word thesis as well as all this SEO has given me confidence. Hence, my ultimate mission regarding the ismlessism is to publish a small book titled simply “Ismlessism: The Solution To Racism.” As you can see from the fake reviews above of my hypothetical book, with humour, you can turn negative adjectives which mean to criticise or something bad into compliments or something which means something good. For… Read More

I mean we have to remember all those people languishing in prison for all kinds of degrees of various sins. There must be millions of people all over the world languishing in prison for various sins, that we all deliberately forget and ignore and this in itself is a sin! We deliberately forget and ignore prisoners concerning the Ismless + ism, cutting the head off the snake and the absolution of Adolf Hitler. This… Read More