I mean we have to remember all those people languishing in prison for all kinds of degrees of various sins. There must be millions of people all over the world languishing in prison for various sins, that we all deliberately forget and ignore and this in itself is a sin! We deliberately forget and ignore prisoners concerning the Ismless + ism, cutting the head off the snake and the absolution of Adolf Hitler. This… Read More

Please note I have started a brand new essay, I have decided to create a new essay by coagulating a selection of my favourite posts since 12th April 2021, when I discovered the Ismless + ism. The essay currently stands at 24,000 words, but I am hoping or aiming to get the essay up to (Phd-level) 80,000 plus words so that it becomes a real (2nd) thesis. I am getting into SEO (Search Engine… Read More

Is it a question of what symbolises the Ismless + ism? Or is it a question of what does the Ismless + ism symbolise? I have come to the conclusion that whatever image, object, shape or art represents, visualises or symbolises the Ismless + ism, that what is most important is that the Ismless + ism symbolises world peace! Therefore, the symbol of the new hypothetical, syncretic and anti-racist religion of the Ismless + ism must symbolise world peace! Cutting the head… Read More

I mean if as a convinced Ismlessist you are not happy or comfortable with the answer ‘to save Europeans’ when over-zealous and malicious anti-racists pop the ignorant question: ‘Why on Earth do you want to forgive Adolf Hitler?’ that’s fine, because another obvious answer is ‘World Peace!’ Cutting the head off the snake by using the Ismless + ism to remove or cleave the racism from Adolf Hitler is not only his… Read More

So in the last month I have read two books on Taoism (or Daoism as it’s pronounced) and I have just read the introduction of Confucius: And The World He Created, by Michael Schuman, and I have never been so gripped by a book, in all my 155 books read to date, I have never read such an interesting a book as this one about Confucius. Although I have only read the… Read More

Ismless + ism. · Ismless + ism Mix 4 We Are Alive (Original Mix), Paul van DykEnemy of the State (Extended Mix), Project 8Something Good (Original Mix), Utah SaintsRetro Tech (Extended Mix), Jordan SuckleyColliding Particles (Extended Mix), Metta & GlydeDreaming (Dirty Herz Remix), Ruff Driverz, ArrolaUniversal Nation (Bart Skils Remix), PushSunhump 2006 (Original Mix), Richard DurandSomeone (Original Vocal Mix), AscensionMy Head Is On Fire (Original Mix), La CouCou, Reinier Zonneveld, CoyuStrange World… Read More

To be an Ismlessist means that you forgive Adolf Hitler for the Holocaust. It means that you cut the head off the snake, make Adolf Hitler THE Ismlessist, make sure he believes in and professes the Ismless + ism, (which removes the racism from Adolf Hitler), and that you absolve Adolf Hitler for the Holocaust. To cut the head off the snake means that you absolve all subordinate Nazis for their individual acts of… Read More

As you may know I DJ online as well, and it has just dawned on that despite all of my silly childhood and teenage desires, if I was just a DJ today, even a professional superstar DJ, I would be in hell right now. Like everything, DJing (especially superstar DJing) is about saving or being a saviour and I would be in absolute hell if I couldn’t say what I have to… Read More

I just wanted to state something which I think is important. As you know I have stated and encouraged lay people (like me) to take up serious, non-career oriented, academic reading, research and writing etc about anything at all that they passionately believe in, in some kind of unorthodox or unofficial free thinking university; that is not limited by taboos and political correctness etc. I also stated that motive is paramount, in… Read More

Just to expound on my previous post, as I stated ultimate, absolute and universal forgiveness is the absolution of Adolf Hitler, because all other lesser sins are forgiven by default. The idiom ‘to cut the head off the snake’ means to stop a larger problem by aiming at the source – often the leader, or a major culprit. Now usually this is taken in a military context, as in to assassinate Adolf… Read More