Ismlessisms are mathematical and I will prove it to you. Instead of cumbersomely describing ismlessisms by saying: “Cut your isms off your isms” or ”Say or write your isms without their suffix isms” we can simply say: ”Say your ismlessisms.” For example, “Fash is the ismlessism of fascism!” The concise statement ”Say your ismlessisms” is grammatically mathematical as there is some very simple (Rasta level) addition and subtraction arithmetic going on here and hence it condenses the aforementioned cumbersome descriptions. Note: ismlessisms… Read More

My first (erroneous) 87,000 word thesis as well as all this SEO has given me confidence. Hence, my ultimate mission regarding the ismlessism is to publish a small book titled simply “Ismlessism: The Solution To Racism.” As you can see from the fake reviews above of my hypothetical book, with humour, you can turn negative adjectives which mean to criticise or something bad into compliments or something which means something good. For… Read More

I mean we have to remember all those people languishing in prison for all kinds of degrees of various sins. There must be millions of people all over the world languishing in prison for various sins, that we all deliberately forget and ignore and this in itself is a sin! We deliberately forget and ignore prisoners concerning the Ismless + ism, cutting the head off the snake and the absolution of Adolf Hitler. This… Read More

If you check out my 87,000 word anti-racist joke about the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler and its attendant comical digital art, you will notice that it is positive about Adolf Hitler while at the same time politically correct and anti-racist. I have been checking out my search engine results to see if my website comes up on Google for terms like ‘forgive Adolf Hitler’ etc. My website doesn’t come up, but what… Read More

One good thing about starting a new religion, is that stars such as physically well-endowed famous actors cannot do it. A new religion can only be started by a not physically well-endowed non-star. If a famous actor or star tried to found a religion they would seen as crazy. It’s a deal, they are multimillionaire and attractive stars who live a life of adulation and luxury, while those who found new religions… Read More

It’s got me thinking recently that the Ismlessism really changes you. I used to be a little bit of a fascist, I used to believe that there absolutely had to be minimal impoliteness somewhere at some point in time towards non-white people, in order to save our race, secure our borders and protect our women etc. Believe me, the racist mentality is basically a bit like a warrior, like Achilles, even if… Read More

The first tenet of the Ismlessism is the religious belief and conviction of the “chosenness” of the Jewish people, and that via descent from the ancient Israelites, Jewish people are the chosen people, i.e. selected to be in a covenant with God. Just so you know that, although I am not perfect, just as equally important personally to me and my nearly 5 year long endeavour to remove racism, forgive Adolf Hitler and… Read More

I would just like to state that I am not and I am never doing taken-for-granted anti-racism, that is, anti-racism WITHOUT a religious ism. All taken-for-granted anti-racists, including governments, the police, politicians and media etc, (who also protect and harbour violent, left-wing extremist groups such as Antifa), currently and (since World War Two) have preached taken-for-granted anti-racism. I went straight from a medium racist to an Ismlessist to a confirmed anti-racist (WITH… Read More

I have been on this quest to solve the ism, namely racism since the 1st of August 2016, I know this because I bought my first book on Amazon on the 31st July 2016. Anyway, one thing that I have definitely learned and understood on my quest is that having the singular desire to help or save white people, with absolutely no desire to attain nirvana, is actually a very modest, humble… Read More

I would just like to make a new statement that I have had another change of mind. At first I believed that the Ismlessism was a white only religion or religious ism, but I changed my mind because I could not deny the Asians, however, I said okay anyone can be an Ismlessist and the Ismlessism is a universal or anti-racist religion, however, it is a purely 100% European cultural ism and that you have to… Read More