“To be cool, hip and with it, say your ismlessisms! Fash is the ismlessism of fascism. A new jocularly Rastafarian grammatical ism. Ismlessisms are colourful, beautiful and deep which reflects black people.” Graham Cammock What type of ism is ismlessism? What is an ism? An ism is a distinctive doctrine, cause, or theory, as in Buddhism. Or an ism is an oppressive and especially discriminatory attitude or belief, as in ageism. Therefore,… Read More

Because of two world wars and a Holocaust, the English language has bottomed out. Ismlessism will prove this to you. For example, instead of Queen’s English the English language is now officially about ismlessism. By this I mean that instead of Received Pronunciation, it is now officially cool and “propa” to say your ismlessisms. For example, instead of saying “Buddhism, Catholicism, racism and fascism”, it is now hip, cool, grammatically correct and… Read More

Ismlessisms are mathematical and I will prove it to you. Instead of cumbersomely describing ismlessisms by saying: “Cut your isms off your isms” or ”Say or write your isms without their suffix isms” we can simply say: ”Say your ismlessisms.” For example, “Fash is the ismlessism of fascism!” The concise statement ”Say your ismlessisms” is grammatically mathematical as there is some very simple (Rasta level) addition and subtraction arithmetic going on here and hence it condenses the aforementioned cumbersome descriptions. Note: ismlessisms… Read More

ISM noun a distinctive doctrine, cause, or theory an oppressive and especially discriminatory attitude or belief: we all have got to come to grips with our isms — Joycelyn Elders ISMLESS adjective without an ism or no ism: Adolf Hitler is ismless because he always has to say his ismlessisms. Europeans are ismless because they haven’t got racism. White people are ismless. ISMLESSISM noun an ism which removes isms; an ism which fixes racism; saying… Read More

To be with it today you have got to be politically correct, you have got to be with and down with what our treacherous white politicians are doing. For example, in the UK ‘with it’ is basically what our prime minister, our MPs, our parliament and our media are saying or doing. To be with it you have got to be down with the cool and hip lingo of the ismlessism. You… Read More

The ismlessism is in the middle. Anti-racist people on Facebook think I am a racist and racist people on Twitter think I am an anti-racist. Although I am white and I lean towards white people, I am neither racist nor anti-racist, cool Ismlessists are in the middle. I am pro-white and I want to protect Europeans, but because of the Holocaust they are wrong and uncool today. Because of the Holocaust black-skin… Read More

Superstar DJs such as Judge Jules are super hip and super cool, however, they are not officially cool or fundamentally cool. Because the ismlessism is officially cool and fundamentally cool, this is great news because it means you do not have to be a young London DJ to be cool. Everyone can be cool. Even if you are an octogenarian you can be with it, hip and cool as long as you… Read More

Nazis are uncool. In order to be white they disconnect from most music, pop culture and what is currently cool and hip. They go back to the 1940s when white people were stronger, because they are more comfortable there. However, the past is uncool and unhip. The problem that white people have is that traditional European folk costumes, myths and customs are not as cool as black culture and black Rastafarianism etc…. Read More

Regarding the cool Rastafarian Ismless + ism, I got expelled from a very prestigious private school called Barnard Castle School in 1998, at the tender age of just short of 17 for smoking marijuana, and it completely ruined my life. However, I have noticed that the cool Rastafarian Ismless + ism actually helps me as a slightly and humorously mischievous 16 year old white boy. This is because the Ismless + ism is cool, it is blackman cool… Read More

I made the decision to give or to hand over the entirely Ismless + ism to Adolf Hitler, including the theory, the philosophy, the thesis, the name and the domains etc, down here on Earth and in heaven. I am doing this because I believe that is where the Ismless + ism is most effective and best placed. It would have the most benefit for mankind if Adolf Hitler IS thee Ismless or if Adolf Hitler IS thee anti-pagan… Read More