I made the decision to give or to hand over the entirely Ismless + ism to Adolf Hitler, including the theory, the philosophy, the thesis, the name and the domains etc, down here on Earth and in heaven. I am doing this because I believe that is where the Ismless + ism is most effective and best placed. It would have the most benefit for mankind if Adolf Hitler IS thee Ismless or if Adolf Hitler IS thee anti-pagan Ismlessist. Saying or writing isms without their suffix ism is Rastafarian and cool, such as I’m not a Bud mon. I’m into Catholis. Never mind rayce. Don’t be fash mon! Everything be irie. Therefore, the Ismless + ism is cool, it is black cool, it is Rasta cool, it is black London youth cool, it is Jamaican cool, it is Cool Britannia. It’s is very politically correct. Therefore, this is why I have made Adolf Hitler thee one and only Ismless. This is to make him amiable and popular. For example, imagine if Adolf Hitler always jokingly said his isms without their suffix ism, for example, imagine if he said to another world leader ‘I’m into Catholis!’ (which he was). This is very funny. Also, imagine the following thought experiment. Imagine if in the afterlife Adolf Hitler was a DJ, imagine if he played house or techno music under the stage name ‘Ismless’ or ‘Ismless + ism.’ I think if he did that and if he was humorously and ironically Rastafarian in some way, he would therefore, actually be cool and popular. I think he would rock the dance floor. We can all be anti-pagan Ismlessists, however, we should only identify as AN Ismlessist and reserve thee Ismless for Adolf Hitler. Therefore, everyone on Earth can be cool. We should all dig into this cool Rastafarian Ismless + ism. If Adolf Hitler is amiable then so are all white people. If Adolf Hitler is popular then so am I.

The Book.

My first (erroneous) 87,000 word thesis as well as all this SEO has given me confidence. Hence, my ultimate mission regarding the ismlessism is to publish a small book titled simply “Ismlessism: The Solution To Racism.”

As you can see from the fake reviews above of my hypothetical book, with humour, you can turn negative adjectives which mean to criticise or something bad into compliments or something which means something good. For example, “Abominable humour”, “Terrible humour”, ”Awful humour” and “Ridiculous humour” which are compliments and mean something good. This should prove that the Ismlessism is bulletproof.

The adverb ‘less’ has a prefix ism and a second suffix ism, for example: ism + less + ism. The adverb ‘less’ means to a smaller extent, amount, or degree and it is the adverb ‘less’ which removes or reduces the ism, for example racism. Thee second suffix ism obviously and ironically turns the adjective ’ismless’ (which means no isms, without isms or remove isms) into an ism, just for good measure and therefore, the whole noun ‘Ismlessism’ removes racism from Adolf Hitler and the world. The Ismless + ism takes the race out of ism. The Ismless + ism takes the ism out of race. In fact, the Ismless + ism takes the ism out of all isms. The Ismless + ism is therefore an ism of no isms, an ism without isms or an ism which removes isms. The Ismless + ism is proper, for example, sarcasticallyit is very ‘proper’ (and a bit Rastafarian) to say or write any ism without its suffix ism. For example, rayce, Catholis, fash or Bud etc. As in “Don’t be fash mon!” or “Chill, it’s only a bit of rayce mon, everything be irie!” This level of grammatical propriety demonstrates that the Ismless + ism is religious like the nativity, because it is so low, it is therefore universal, as even kids can understand it as well as centenarians; as opposed to philosophy such as meta-ethical relativism or Nietzscheanism, which only degree-level students can understand. (Or this grammatical propriety could demonstrate our intellectual level today?) The Ismless + ism’s discovery involved the realisation of the adjective ‘ismless’, as in white people are ismless, because they do not have racism, and then the addition of thee second suffix ism which turns the adjective ismless in to an ism, just for sake, which forms the whole proper noun Ismlessism. Therefore, how it works is that if we make Adolf Hitler thee first and foremost Ismlessist, then there is no racism in him. To reiterate, because the Ismless + ism means no isms, without isms or removes or takes away isms, therefore, as long as we make Adolf Hitler the foremost Ismlessist and make sure he believes in and professes the Ismless + ism, therefore, there is no racism in Adolf Hitler, which therefore, forgives Adolf Hitler which consequently forgives all subordinate Nazis for their individual acts of violence committed during World War Two. The Ismless + ism is a double ism, it is thee ism and it removes racism from Adolf Hitler and the world. There is nothing more or higher that the Ismlessism for racism. It is bigger than racism and better than anti-racism. Ultimate, absolute and universal forgiveness is the absolution of Adolf Hitler, because all other lesser sins are forgiven by default. The idiom ‘to cut the head off the snake’ means to stop a larger problem by aiming at the source – often the leader, or a major culprit. The Ismless + ism is the correction of the root or source of the cause of Holocaust, namely, Adolf Hitler’s racism. Therefore, to reiterate one last time, to cut the head off the snake means that instead of assassination, to make Adolf Hitler the Ismlessist and to make sure he professes and believes in the Ismless + ism, means that there is no racism in Adolf Hitler, which is the absolution of Adolf Hitler, which subsequently leads to the absolution of all subordinate Nazis for all of their individual acts of terror during World War Two. The adjective ismless equals, represents or stands for racism, white people or Adolf Hitler and means that Adolf Hitler and white people are ismless or without an ism because they cannot be racist and racism is broken. The addition of thee second suffix ism doubles the ism, in that it doubles the adjective ismless into the double ism Ismless + ism, which to reiterate, obviously and ironically turns the adjective ismless (which means no isms, without isms or remove isms) into an ism just for sake and for good measure, and therefore, the whole proper noun Ismlessism takes away the racism from Adolf Hitler and the world.

Ismless = Adolf Hitler

Ismless + ism = racism removed

Forgive Adolf Hitler = remove racial hatred and anger from the world

Primate Adolf Hitler, (chimpanzee) leaning with right hand. Caveman, prehistoric man, subhuman, monkey, ape, primate, animal.
Primate Adolf Hitler, (chimpanzee) leaning with right hand.

You get a lot of people who won’t even accept the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler, even in a more or less anti-racist way. This is very un-Christian. I think a lot of people may get schadenfreude about white people’s demise? It’s like there is something wrong with the anti-racist forgiveness of Adolf Hitler? It’s simple, as along as Adolf Hitler is the Ismlessist and professes and believes in the Ismless + ism, there is no racism in him, and therefore, the Ismless + ism forgives him. And it is the absolution of Adolf Hitler that removes the racial hatred and anger from the world. I believe that to forgive Adolf Hitler is the answer to world peace. Adolf Hitler is the Ismlessist. Adolf Hitler and the Ismless + ism are inseparable. Therefore, that’s what to call him and that’s how to forgive him. I am just the discoverer of the Ismless + ism. The rule or law is to refer to Adolf Hitler as the Ismlessist and to refer to everybody else as an Ismlessist. This is how to forgive Adolf Hitler. TheIsmless + ism determines that nothing is unfixable. Even the Holocaust. Racism is finished, forget about it. Therefore, we need to find another ism, hence the Ismless + ism. The Ismless + ism is a double ism, it is thee ism and it removes the racism from Adolf Hitler and the world. The Ismless + ism is neither racist nor anti-racist, yet it has the humour. People don’t need to go through a ritual or an initiation process to become an anti-racist for example, they simply pick it up. Therefore, to become an Ismlessist, all that you have to do is read this thesis and if by ‘the end’ (of it), you are convinced about the rightness and benefits of the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler, then you are a convert to the Ismless + ism. By the time you have finished reading this essay, something should have changed inside of your head, and you should have “no bones with Adolf Hitler.” Then you are an Ismlessist. The question is, is it technically possible to forgive Adolf Hitler? I am convinced, in fact I know that with the Ismless + ism, the absolution of Adolf Hitler is guaranteed. I know this because the Ismless + ism is fundamental, unquestionable and bulletproof. However, the only problem is how people will react to the instant thought of forgiving Adolf Hitler, without giving this thesis the time and the chance it deserves to explain. What I feel is fear, not doubt, and if people do react negatively to the even the thought of forgiving Adolf Hitler, I know that in the next life I will be vindicated.

Racism is not a religion.

The problem for racists, is that they follow, make, profess or identify as a political or philosophical ism and not a religion or religious ism. Therefore, this means that when they are negatively, viciously and maliciously attacked for their beliefs by anti-racists, either on social media or sometimes physically by extremists such as Antifa, they are never martyrs. I mean I believe that racists suffer abuse mentally, emotionally and physically for their beliefs for absolutely no reason whatsoever, and this is because racism is not a religion. However, because the Ismless + ism is a good and benign religion, if (God forbid) Ismlessists are ever attacked, either verbally online or physically by extremist anti-racists for their faith and beliefs, they would be martyrs, much like how early Christians were martyred and persecuted by the Romans etc. To reiterate, this is because they have a religion and it is not a political position or opinion that they have, but a genuine faith and belief. Therefore, consider becoming an Ismlessist instead. The Ismless + ism is the methadone of racism.

I am sick of defending the absolution of Adolf Hitler. Especially white people ignorantly do not understand why I want to forgive Adolf Hitler. Most white people ignorantly do not understand the obvious benefits for Europeans with his genuine forgiveness. Therefore, another reason why I am doing what I do, namely, why I am on a mission to cut the head off the snake, remove racism from Adolf Hitler and the world, fix the Holocaust and forgive all subordinate Nazis for their countless acts of terror during World War Two etc, is because I believe that Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust ruined Europe and European society as a whole, in just about every philosophical and social way imaginable. For example, East Asia has Confucianism which is unbelievably and truly amazing! I have never read such a book that so appeals to my own personal beliefs and convictions about philosophy and how to run a society as Confucius: And the World He Created by Michael Schuman. Through more than 2000 years of the governmental and imperial institutionalisation of Confucianism in East Asia, East Asia has a society imbedded and ingrained with amazing tenets, precepts and principles such as filial piety and the paramount importance of education etc. Filial piety is about strict reverence and deference towards one’s parents and elders in society etc. East Asia is different from the west in that East Asians are dutifully expected to be obedient to and to provide financial support to their parents and grandparents in old age etc. It is shameful to leave old people alone and lonely in East Asia for example. Many households in China traditionally have multigenerational families living together, supporting and caring for each other. In the west, individualism is more the mode of life and children do not necessarily materially support their parents and grandparents in old age and certainly do not live with them etc. Whereas in East Asia it is considered a duty, and it is considered shameful if one is not obedient to and supportive of ones parents and elders etc. Confucius believed the key to a harmonious and prosperous society started in the family with filial piety and that filial piety could be applied to or extended to society at large by individuals respecting one’s elders, bosses, superiors and by being loyal to the emperor etc. Regarding education, because of Confucianism and it’s overbearing emphasis on the importance of education for self cultivation and the health and well being of the state and society at large, East Asians are unbelievably strict about the education of their children. In East Asia there is a term for harshly strict mothers who believe that even an A minus is a bad grade called ‘tiger moms’ etc. Those children who excel in East Asia are the ones who are admired, while in the west, such kids are labelled “nerds” while the cool kids are the ones who duck class and smoke in the toilets etc. I know this because I was one of those class-ducking, smoking and stupid western kids! I think you get my picture about how with Confucianism, East Asia is much better than the west, (certainly than backward Britain), when it comes to the morals and principles of the individual and society at large? Regarding education, in backward Britain it seems that youngsters find it cool to be stupid, to copy pop stars by dropping out, flunking and taking drugs at unbelievably early age. (My daughter’s 15 year old boyfriend tried cocaine for example). There was no such thing as a nerd or a geek in western schools and classrooms prior to the Holocaust. ‘Tune in, turn on and drop out’ was 1960s invention. The 1960s made drug use popular and the concept of the ‘cool kids’ came after the Holocaust. Regarding filial piety, once when I was in my mid 30s I was walking through a forest called Castle Eden Dene (in backward Britain) and I walked past a 12 year old boy and two girls of a similar age making a dam in a stream. I just looked at them as I walked passed, and the boy rudely shouted at me “Get your fucking hands working!!” He was insultingly implying that I should help them build the dam. However, he was just being rude and bad to impress his female companions I suspect. There was nothing I could do, so I just walked on. Since World War Two and the Holocaust, this is the kind of backward ‘filial piety’ we British adults receive from our children and society at large etc. We cannot do anything about anti-social behaviour. I mean that rude 12 year old boy in Castle Eden Dene, in any sane and sensible universe or reality could have used a right good kicking from me, however, because of the Holocaust, we British adults cannot use any roughness or violence towards such delinquent children to correct them. Our governments call it child abuse. To me it is just sense. Disrespect of and cheek to one’s elders has become the way of life in Britain. Again I am blaming Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust for all of our philosophical and social woes in Britain and in the west in general. We in Britain, Europe and the west have lost control of our societies and our children. I know this because I was a wayward child who ignored the admonitions of my parents regarding education etc. My parents could not control me and as a child I had absolutely no filial piety. I also know this because I cannot control my own daughter when it comes to education etc. It’s as if western children get to about 13 years old and they get their own opinions, become obsessed with music and pop stars and basically think they know it all or know better than 40 year olds etc. However, I believe in the west that because of two World Wars and the Holocaust (or because of our governments), that our children are in a way actually bigger than us? I mean we just can’t strictly control our children regarding respect, filial piety and education etc. As a westerner, you do know what I mean about when it comes to controlling a wayward western teenager? You just can’t win? However, I do not believe it is the children’s or the parent’s fault, it is something much bigger. I believe it is our western governments, which since the Holocaust have instituted or indoctrinated our children and our societies with much freedom and liberalism, and not enough sound and more authoritarian or hierarchical philosophy and doctrine such as Confucianism. As Europeans we should humble ourselves and not feel ashamed to borrow other foreign people’s (i.e.: East Asia’s) philosophies and doctrines such as Confucianism, and to apply them to our own societies for our social welfare. Again what I am getting at is that British society is fucked because of Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust, we are decadent and that is also why I believe it is my moral duty and responsibility to publish and promulgate the Ismless + ism. The Ismless + ism will remove the racism from Adolf Hitler and the world at large. The Ismless + ism may even help solve our backward social problems in Britain? I mean by cleaving racism from Adolf Hitler, the Ismless + ism may even help remove the backwardness and social decadence in British society? Therefore, because it forgives Adolf Hitler, I believe that it is my oradained responsibility and my moral duty to my own people to publish and promulgate the Ismless + ism. Again to answer the ignorant question, why do I want to forgive Adolf Hitler? It is because I believe that the root of all our decadent western post-Holocaust social problems lie in Adolf Hitler’s evil racism. Therefore, I believe that the Ismless + ism is crucial to the health, vitality, and social well being of white people. I believe that the answer to Britain’s anti-social behaviour problems are to be found in Adolf Hitler’s forgiveness, not in his punishment, destruction or annihilation etc. However, please note that although I believe that Confucianism is the best thing since the invention of sliced bread, and that filial piety and strictness about the education of our children are exactly what the west needs; on its own Confucianism will not remove the racism from Adolf Hitler and the world and will not solve the Holocaust. We need the Ismless + ism to do that, and then Confucianism sounds like a very good idea as well.

I am currently paying a small fortune for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to get the Ismless + ism to come up first on Google for the term ‘forgive Adolf Hitler.’ I believe this is important as I believe the Ismless + ism is potentially important enough to warrant properly publishing and promulgating it. I have other keywords such as ‘Caveman Adolf Hitler’, which if you try searching for on Google, you will see that my comical digital art webpage comes up second. This is all because of the money and energy I have ploughed into SEO over the last month or so. I am only just beginning with SEO and it will take a while to see the results. Please note that the most important keyword phrase for the Ismless + ism is ‘forgive Adolf Hitler’, and that ‘Caveman Adolf Hitler’ is just a secondary keyword phrase to do with my comical digital art. I mean all this SEO stuff has got me dreaming even bigger as it gives you confidence to see your website come up on Google, and I have been thinking that my ultimate dream would be to publish a small book titled something like ‘The Ismlessist Manifesto’ or ‘Ismlessism: How to Forgive Adolf Hitler’ etc. As you know I have experience as I have already wrote an 87,000 word thesis, (which isn’t good enough to publish), however, I believe that the Ismless + ism is good enough to publish, if I can only get the word count up to PhD level 80,000 plus words. The Ismless + ism essay currently stands at 29,000 words but I am confident that by this time next year I will have achieved my word count goal. I mean you can publish your own book online for a few hundred pounds with a proper ISBN etc, which sounds great. However, I am only a layman who has read 150 + books on a wide variety of subjects, I am not a qualified professional academic or writer and I get the feeling that if I did publish a small 120 page book on the Ismless + ism and the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler, that people would probably tell me to ‘leave it to the professionals’? But this is exactly my point, in that there are no professionals or experts on the absolution of Adolf Hitler, Jeffrey Dahmer and Jimmy Savile etc! There are no experts on extreme or ultimate forgiveness. Also, I am fairly confident that if we just ‘leave it to the professionals’ that the Ismless + ism and forgiveness of Adolf Hitler will be left for eternity down here on Earth. We will literally wait for eternity for a ‘professional’ to write a book about the genuine absolution of Adolf Hitler and the Ismless + ism, and in reality it will likely just never happen. Why? Because professionals are too afraid of ruining their careers and reputations etc. Therefore, this has got me thinking, in that I believe that I may actually be the world’s foremost expert on the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler? This is simply because no one else has ever dared to try. In fact, because I deal with and technically forgive the worlds most severe sins, and because using the Ismless + ism to cut the head off the snake (by cleaving the racism Adolf Hitler) leads to the automatic forgiveness of all other lesser sins by default, such as those committed by all subordinate Nazis during World War Two as well as other smaller-scale sinners such as Jeffrey Dahmer and Jimmy Savile etc, therefore I could actually be the worlds foremost expert on general forgiveness? I mean there are plenty of wishy washy books out there on wishy washy forgiveness, such as how to forgive your cheating spouse etc, but none of them are authoritative on forgiveness. To be authoritative on forgiveness you have got to genuinely be able to forgive Adolf Hitler, because that’s what cuts the head off the snake etc. I mean Google has this thing for SEO called E-A-T which stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. E-A-T is a set of official recommendations for delivering a quality experience online. It focuses on the quality of the content and the creators of that content, as well as the website itself. Basically you’ve got to be an ‘expert’ and ‘authoritative’ for Google to give a shit about your website. What a load of crap! There are no authoritative experts in the world on the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler except me! And I am only an unqualified layman. I mean like I said if we ‘leave it to the professionals’ clearly ‘it’ will never get done, because experts and academics are too restricted and limited by taboos and political correctness. I mean honestly professional academics read about as much as I have read (150 + books) and they are simply expert at producing professional theses with proper references and Ibids etc, and that’s about it. Therefore, if I do publish a small book on the Ismless + ism and I do get told to ‘leave it to the professionals’ you will therefore, be geeking over nothing more that references and Ibids etc, never mind the extremely important message of the content. I mean did the biblical writers such as Moses have references and Ibids? No! I mean don’t get me wrong, I have completed a dissertation and several papers before at university and I will do my best to reference and Ibid my thesis as professionally as I possibly can, but at the end of the day I am not a professional academic in that kind of technical way, I am a layman who is unfortunately the world’s foremost and eminent authority on the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler.

Nothing left to fear.

I mean concerning our fears, taboos, political correctness, dark spots and no-go areas, with the Ismless + ism, what else is there left in the universe, existence or reality to fear? We Ismlessists have overcome the fear of racism and talking about it. We Ismlessists have overcome the fear of Adolf Hitler and talking about his absolution. We Ismlessists have overcome the fear of genocide and talking about its absolution. We Ismlessists have overcome the fear of murder and talking about its absolution. We Ismlessists have overcome the fear of statutory rape and talking about its absolution. There is absolutely nothing left to fear imaginable in the universe, aether, atmosphere or anywhere in the space time continuum. There should be no fears anywhere in reality or existence. Think about it, what more can you imagine to be afraid of? Are you afraid of race and racism? Are you afraid of Adolf Hitler and in discussing his absolution? Are you afraid of murder and in discussing its absolution? Are you afraid of statutory rape and in discussing its absolution? There is nothing else to be afraid of and you cannot imagine anything else in the universe left to fear. Therefore, the Ismless + ism just needed doing once and for all to remove all of our fears, taboos, dark spots and no-go areas. The Ismless + ism just needed doing once and for all to save us all. On another note, it has got me thinking recently that man has always had a tendency to leave things which he cannot or does not want to deal with, such as serious sins like murder and statutory rape for God, heaven and the afterlife to somehow miraculously fix and sort out. It’s like an instinctive human reflex that we unconsciously project onto the afterlife all of our fears and the things that we cannot deal with down here on Earth, such as death and the correction of genocide, murder and statutory rape etc. We stuff people in prison and say to God and the afterlife “You sort it out the forgiveness and the correction!” Perhaps this is why God and the afterlife exist? I mean because humans automatically project all of their fears and difficulties onto God and the afterlife. Humans cannot survive without God. However, this leaving things for the afterlife and higher powers to deal with maybe childish? What if Jesus Christ decided to pick up or taken on all our difficult human fears and our desperate projections onto heaven, God and the afterlife regarding sin and what if this is the reason why He attained all three? Anyway, the Ismless + ism makes us genuinely forgive Adolf Hitler down here in life or on Earth without having to wait for the afterlife. With the Ismless + ism we can be real men and we can deal with all those things that we cannot handle and fear down here on Earth and that which we usually give up to the afterlife to fix, here and now, and down here on Earth. The less things we give up and leave for the afterlife to fix the better.

The right to forgive.

Do only Jewish people have the right to forgive Adolf Hitler? Not really. Although Adolf Hitler persecuted the Jewish people the most, Adolf Hitler had a go at everybody, as he even considered the French and English lower classes inferior etc. However, most importantly he totally ruined the future and prospects of Europe. Adolf Hitler ruined everything for all white people (including Jewish people) all over the globe as evidenced by such as the plight of white South Africa etc. Adolf Hitler also robbed Western European countries of their overseas empires etc. Whether they want to admit it or not, or whether they want to twist reality and call it a cause for celebration, or be real and admit that it’s a disgrace, white people are losing ground everywhere politically, concerning power and demographically etc, even in their own countries and heartlands etc. In fact, I even sometimes jokingly blame my own personal woes and mental health issues on Adolf Hitler, because if my country and continent were positive, forward and doing well, then perhaps I would personally or individually be positive, forward and doing well etc? Adolf Hitler affects us all. If you are non-white he benefits you, whereas, if you are white he is a scourge and curse to you. So what has Adolf Hitler done to us? It is something fundamental to white people. It is something fundamental to the well being, strength, fecundity, fertility and vitality of all white people. It is the ism, namely racism. Racism is fundamentally broken. And this means that white people are fundamentally broken. White people cannot do or attempt a single positive or proactive action or step for themselves without the ism, namely racism. Adolf Hitler broke the one and only ism that white people need in order to survive and thrive by themselves. He made white people ismless. Therefore, that is why I am researching and promulgating another very powerful and fundamental ism, namely the Ismless + ism, which is the antidote or cure to racism. The Ismless + ism removes racism both from Adolf Hitler and the world. The Ismless + ism cleaves and removes the racism from the air, atmosphere, aether or space time continuum etc. Like penicillin, the Ismless + ism cleans and neutralises the bacillus of racism and Adolf Hitler’s disease which is parasitically sapping the strength of and slowly killing white people and the white race. I am promulgating the Ismless + ism for the benefit of Europe, all white people and world peace. The Ismless + ism is an alternative to racism, call it the methadone of racism.

It doesn’t matter!

Are you seriously saying that the Ismless + ism doesn’t matter? Ok, I’ll just pack it up and take the whole website with me to my grave so that no one ever knows about it! Whoosh! It’s gone! I’m joking of course, however, I do have a point because it’s the very nature of the Holocaust that nothing matters. It’s just too much and no matter how much you plead and cry with the Jews for example, it just doesn’t matter. For example, the term Kniefall von Warschau (German for “Warsaw genuflection”) refers to a gesture of humility and penance performed by West German Chancellor Willy Brandt on December 7, 1970, in Warsaw, Poland, towards the victims of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. However, this type of sincere and genuine humility and genuflection toward Jewish people just doesn’t matter. It’s futile! Concerning the Holocaust, it doesn’t matter how sincere you are. Trust me, we Europeans (including myself) are all bent over double trying to fix the Holocaust and make it up to the Jewish people, but it just doesn’t matter how insanely bent double you are, the Holocaust is far more. Or for example, if all of European men promised to marry Jewish women, it just wouldn’t matter. If you sincerely apologised to the Jews for the Holocaust, it just doesn’t matter. If you told a lighthearted joke about the Holocaust, it just doesn’t matter. Nothing is worth the Holocaust. The genuine absolution of or fix for the Holocaust would be quite literally priceless! You just can’t put a price on 6 million lives! For example. without the Ismless + ism, Adolf Hitler could be up there in heaven (bless his cotton socks) screaming and shouting that he’s no longer a racist!!! But it just doesn’t matter!! Now as you know the Ismless + ism cleaves or removes the racism from Adolf Hitler in eternity, therefore, the Ismless + ism does honestly really matter! To remove the racism from Adolf Hitler is priceless! And pretty funny too. Therefore, the Ismless + ism is a diamond! The Ismless + ism is quite literally potentially priceless!


Forgive Adolf Hitler
Miocene Adolf Hitler, Charles Darwin. Caveman, prehistoric man, subhuman, monkey, ape, primate, animal.

I mean we have to remember all those people languishing in prison for all kinds of degrees of various sins. There must be millions of people all over the world languishing in prison for various sins, that we all deliberately forget and ignore and this in itself is a sin! We deliberately forget and ignore prisoners concerning the Ismless + ism, cutting the head off the snake and the absolution of Adolf Hitler. This is totally selfish! When we are getting all anti-racist, hateful and venomous about the absolution of Adolf Hitler please remember all the prisoners. I mean every single person in prison has sinned and they are probably all laughing about the Ismless + ism and the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler, because cutting the head of the snake absolves all of their lesser sins by default. You have to forgive them eventually. Don’t deliberately ignore and forget the millions of prisoners please!