The anonymous author of this essay reveals a new and literally universal (as in aliens) faith or religion called the Ismlessism or the Ismless faith. The Ismlessism or Ismless faith is purely fundamental, mathematically perfect and symmetrical faith over science. This is because the Ismlessism is ismless, does not allow isms or has 0 isms; therefore, Ismlessism is 0% biased and nothing yet everything in the universe. Ismlessism rejects and attacks faithless and Godless science and the Ismlessism’s most fundamental truth, fact or concept is that of simple, even thick faith over science. The Ismless religion has no isms, hence it is 0% biased, as you would expect an omnipotent and Universal God to be. It is not Muslim, Christian, Jewish or Zoroastrian etc or any local, biased, random, imperfect and asymmetrical religion in the universe; it is purely fundamental and mathematically perfect faith over absolute and faithless science. Most isms in the universe are biased, including religious isms, such as, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, and Hinduism etc, not just discriminatory isms, such as sexism, ageism, heightism and racism. Hence, the Ismlessism is the literally Universal God’s loving, harmless and benign judgement for the Holocaust. He is removing or vacuuming up all isms from the universe. The anonymous author informs us that the Universal God wants us human beings to be perfectly symmetrical and 0% biased between all races, species and religions in the universe like Him and the Ismless faith. There are several objectives of the essay. The anonymous author tells us that there are two powerful isms in the universe that he each refers to simply as ‘the ism’, that being the Ismlessism and racism. Therefore, firstly, the main objective of this essay is the removal or amelioration of ‘the ism’, namely racism using the Ismlessism. Connected to this objective is the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust for the salvation and redemption of Europeans. In relation to this objective the anonymous author explains some of the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche as one example of 19th century German philosophers who influenced the Nazis. Specifically it is Nietzsche’s anti-Christian inversion of valuations or master-slave morality that is explained and re-inverted for Catholicism. Through the Nietzschean inversion of valuations and the Darwinian survival of the fittest theory, the anonymous author explains how Friedrich Nietzsche was inverse to Catholicism and the Catholic Saints, and the same inverse of valuations helps to explain why and how the Nazis were inverse to Christian love, sympathy, pity and compassion. Also relating to this objective the anonymous author tells us that he believes that as a result of the Holocaust, there exists in this universe a split, schism or crack between white people today. This split or crack is the racist/anti-racist schism (or what the anonymous author calls the Hitler switch) between white people. Therefore, the solution to racism and world peace lies in white people on either extreme of the political spectrum (or on either side of the Hitler switch) forgiving each other; as well as non-white people forgiving white people. This particular goal of this essay is taken from and attained through Jesus Christ’s teachings on forgiveness and of loving your enemies. Therefore, one objective of the Ismlessism is to bring about the reciprocal forgiveness of racist and anti-racist white people, thus creating a united whole or union between white people. The anonymous author argues another main theme of the essay which is that Roman Catholicism is correct over Protestantism and hence, another main objective of the essay is the undoing or reversing of the Reformation. Another main theme of the essay as explained by the anonymous author is why we should be saintly, charitable and pious instead of cool, hip and with it and why coolness is wrong. Ismlessisms are a kind of Rastafarian grammatical style of speech or slang. Ismlessisms may be not writing but just sounds. Fash is the ismlessism of fascism. Bud is the ismlessism of Buddhism. Seks is the ismlessism of sexism etc. Ismlessisms have zero grammatical value and are nothing, however, they help the Ismlessism ameliorate all discriminatory isms. The anonymous author also teaches us the practice of the Ismlessism, which comes from Catholicism and Buddhism mainly, including the two teachings of Jesus Christ of charity and forgiveness which were how the Ismlessism was attained. Like the Ismless religion, the Universal God came from absolutely nothing (creatio ex nihilo) and yet is everything in the universe, infinite and eternal. The anonymous author teaches us that God is not one but zero and infinite. Therefore, the anonymous author introduces the concept of zerotheism, as opposed to monotheism or polytheism. Ultimately through the literal universality of the Ismlessism (concerning sentient alien life), the Ismlessism is about the ultimate overcoming of race and religion and thus it is about the universality of humankind. Hollywood film directors, producers and screenwriters such as George Lucas and Steven Spielberg create science fiction and fantasy movies, which are entertaining but never real. Star Wars is as real as the Tolkien Lord of the Rings and no matter how much we want to believe that the X-Files is real it is not. On the other hand ‘the ism’ is not a science fiction novel, it is real. ‘The ism’ is real with alien life.