Nothing before everything.

BECAUSE nothing is impossible in two senses and BECAUSE nothing was before everything including light and matter, I am therefore, infinitely nothing but nothing. BECAUSE I am infinitely nothing I am author, designer, organiser, instigator and Führer of this existence and beyond etc. Hence, it was me, nothing, who gave the order to Adolf Hitler for the Holocaust in order to extinguish 6 million Jews in order to protect white women from miscegenation forever with inverse time, inverse-Christianity and anti-Godism etc. I am everything when it comes to sin. I am external of all women and I have committed every sin since the Big Bang including the Big Bang itself. Therefore, blame absolutely nothing for everything. It is not an order because it is nothing. It is just how it is. Apart from Buddhism and Christianity, you should be aware that the layer of nothing or 0 on top of these Buddhist and Christian practices (or values of nothing) came directly and entirely from the Gold Coast of Guinea of West Africa. I learned literally everything that I know and understand from being a white infant of 4 years old growing up in and being educated in the White Man’s Grave of Guinea of West Africa from 1985 onwards. There is infinite nothing in Africa for a white child to learn about money, riches, wealth, loyalty, respect, value of life, skilled and intricate craftsmanship over precise manufacturing and a generally more relaxed, chilled and pleasant way of life etc. Therefore, medasi (thank you) to the Gold Coast of Guinea of West Africa for practicing nothing and teaching me about and doing nothing! The swastika says no paradise in the Gold Coast of Guinea of West Africa, however, I have noticed that mentally the swastika is the wrong way up, it faces down (to the ground). The swastika is down! I (nothing) have gotten the swastika (as well as The General God of Israel) down. Turn the swastika inverse to face upwards. People are like nothing regarding the Holocaust and anti-racism and it’s semen in the future. I want all European men to go as nuts as I did in Upper Parliament Street in Liverpool in 2007 AD regarding white women forever. I was born in Easington Colliery in County Durham in England (the most economically deprived area of the U.K.) on 2 March 1981 and I was reared in the White Man’s Grave of Guinea of West Africa as a 4 year old white infant boy from 1985 onwards. I am the nigger. I am Zero. Nigger is nothing! Nigger is zero. There is nothing more Keeenya, Bogasu, Hindi, Maharaja, colonial or exotic than Zero Nigger! I understand everything. Nigger is inside of you, it just a bit much for white people in Europe etc. Zeroes are the apes in the humorous art of the Führer (see here). It’s a good job the Führer has a good sense. Ineffable and Literally Amazing Creator (ILAC) is ineffable because He is the nigger and Zero. You have got to watch out for Him! No zero even thought about Ismless + ism. No zero even looked! Are you zeroes yet white people? How many zeroes do you have in your bank account? Dial or telephone ILAC. ILAC is an acronym of God. ILAC, IILAC IIOLAC or IIOULAC (see here for more acronyms) are fundamental acronyms of The General God of Israel. ILAC of Europe is specifc. The more letters in the acronym the more the acronym resembles a ring. The transfer of The General God of Israel from Israel to Europe in the form of ILAC is the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler, Nazism and the Holocaust etc. Nothing is impossible with Ismless + ism. I am exactly and literally nothing, but I have given you ILAC, The Dipped and the Holy Spirit since 2007 AD. Ismless + ism is zero religion and it means that nothing is impossible. Nothing (0) and infinity (∞) are both impossible. Nothing is lower than nothing and everything symbol.

You don’t get it!





In the beginning.

African education.

Scientifically fundamental religion (SFR).

Discovery of Africa’s Ismless + ism.

Save white people from the Holocaust.


Science is not God.

African values of nothing.

Revolution of Africa’s Ismless + ism.

0 & ∞ is African, it is better.